What is an Ecosystem

An Ecosystem is a dedicated security container for a specific application and all of its associated users, devices, services, and third parties that need to interoperate with that application.

Your organization can use multiple Ecosystems to secure different applications. For example, a bank could use a separate Ecosystem for each of the following:

  • Teller & Platform systems
  • Web Site & Mobile Banking
  • ATM network
  • Video Surveillance
  • Keycard Access
  • HVAC & Physical Plant
  • Guest Wifi
  • Banking Ledger Application

Any Device, Any Network, Anywhere

Because Ecosystems are network-agnostic, participating applications, technologies, users, and third parties can be located anywhere and even operate while mobile. Acreto Ecosystems support any type of network including LTE, 5G, Wifi, Ethernet, Satellite, Packet Radio and more. This makes it particularly well-suited for highly distributed and mobile applications.

Per Application Dedicated Infrastructure

Each Ecosystem is a completely independent and dedicated security infrastructure, separate from all other Ecosystems. Dedicated Ecosystem infrastructure components include:

  • One or more enforcement engines
  • Data flows and data paths
  • Data set and policies
  • Database
  • Vault