Introduction to Acreto

What is Acreto

One Security For Everything

End-to-End, Zero trust cloud security that connects and protects anything, anywhere. One security, from one provider to protect all your technologies.

How is Acreto Different

Acreto is more than just SASE, it goes further to provide Secure Application & Data Interconnect (SADI) that connects and protects the back-end Clouds, SaaS, and data centers. Though SASE +Plus works with all of your existing security and communications technologies, it can also operate completely virtual, without the need for any products, licenses, or logistics. SASE and SADI together make SASE +Plus – the first-ever completely virtual end-to-end security infrastructure. SASE +Plus is simple – complete - sustainable security.

What is SASE

SASE is an end-to-end security infrastructure that protects all access technologies with a single simple cloud service. It goes beyond secure application access to provide a complete connectivity and security infrastructure. SASE converges Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) to interconnect networks and clouds, with some of the features of Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) that connects and controls users and devices.

Example implementation

To familiarize you with the possibilities of Acreto, we will use the example of our team. The diagram below shows how we use SASE / SADI on a daily basis.

Describing possible cases of using Acreto, we will return to this scheme many times.

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