Android Installation


Please follow the steps below to install Acreto Connect Client:

  1. Go to the download page and click on the Google Play Store image.

  2. Install the Acreto Connect Client application.Install Play Store Install Play Store

  3. Once the application is installed, launch it from your home screen or menu.

  4. All set, now you can start using Acreto Connect Client.

Always-on VPN configuration

Always-on VPN is an Android function that works like an automated service that establishes a connection between the client and the VPN with no user interactions whatsoever. It is a one-time configuration.

How to enable always-on VPN:

  1. Go to device settings
  2. Choose the Connections from the list of options
  3. Swipe up to see More connection settings
  4. Tap on the VPN option
  5. Tap on the Settings icon for Acreto Connect Client.
  6. Turn on the Always-on VPN option
  7. If Andoird will ask for permission grant them.

To test if it works, establish any connection to Acreto Ecosystem and restart your device. After reboot, this connection should be established automatically.

Android will automatically establish a VPN connection to the Acreto ecosystem when needed - for example, after restarting the device. If you have more than one profile in ACC, the most recently used profile will start.

This feature is available for Android 7.0 and above.

Next step

Import profile and connect to the Acreto Ecosystem