I Got an Invitation - What's Next?


If you’re reading this article, you probably got an invitation email or link from your company’s security or network officer. At this point, you may like to read this article to learn what Acreto is.

The E-mail should look similar to the one below.

Onboarding Portal - invitation email

This article will guide you through the onboarding process to Acreto, allowing you to secure your internet connection and provide access to your company’s infrastructure.

How to Join - Onboarding Portal

The procedure consists of 3 steps:

  1. How to join - basic information and download the Acreto Connect Client
  2. Download and Install the Acreto Connect Client
  3. Download and Import Profile and Establish a Connection

Onboarding page

  1. Click on the provided URL or email invitation.
  2. A new page will open in your default browser. You must validate two values:
    1. Company name - on the screen below, it’s a TestCompany. You should see the name of your company here.
    2. Ecosystem - on the screen below, it’s a Test Ecosystem. You should see the name of your physical location, project, or company department here. Onboarding Portal - platform recognize
  3. The portal should recognize your platform/operating system and propose a proper connection route. If the platform isn’t recognized, you can choose another using the other supported platforms button.
  4. Click on “Connect your PLATFORM” button to proceed.

Download and Install the Acreto Connect Client

In this step, the Onboarding Portal allows you to download Acreto Connect Client in the version correct for your platform - click on the button Download Client - marked as the first step.

Onboarding Portal - download ACC

If you need more informations about how to install the Acreto Connect Client follow this articles:

  1. Android Installation,
  2. iOS Installation,
  3. MacOS Installation ,
  4. Windows Installation.

Download and Import profile and establish a connection

The last step is importing the profile to the Acreto Connect Client. The profile contains information about connection detail and user credentials.

To download the profile, click on the Install connection profile button - marked as the second step. Then, click on the downloaded profile to import it to the Acreto Connect Client.

Onboarding Portal - download profile

Open the downloaded file to import the profile to Acreto Connect Client and proceed to the next step.


You will see the authentication windows when the Acreto Connect Client is installed and the profile has been imported. Provide your company account credentials (LDAP credentials) - the same used for logging into company email or your computer.

ACC - authentication

The imported profile will now be available on the list. In the last step, click the Toggle button on the VPN profile to connect to Acreto

Acreto Connect Clinet  - Profile on the profiles list

When the connection is established, the toggle button and cloud icon will change color - congratulation. The onboarding process is done!

Acreto Connect Client - connected profile

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