Replace VPN with SASE

Where remote users are connected to applications, clouds or offices through Acreto. This is a remote work-from-anywhere model where the destination and the device are protected.

How it works?

Start with a Scenario: This section would start with a network diagram of users at hotels, homes, a coffee shop with a company employees.
The usernames are in LDAP data store in A/D, Azure-directory, Google

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Secure remote user access with SASE

Configure Acreto

  • Register Acreto account to start using zero-trust policy solution.
  • Configure first ecosystem and add Thing into it.
  • Create your own network rules to get control of which Thing or User can connect to the Internet. Define basic policy Allow All or block selected adresses.
  • Configure LDAP directory or import user using CSV file - Acreto will create account for them and allow them to add their own things.
  • Assing users to roles that will define users’ permissions.
  • Configure Threat detection for your ecosystem to prevent a potential security breach.
  • Test threat detection is working. Go to Download the malware and show that it is blocked. Show the username, device, and the type of malware that’s detected.

Educate users on how to be more secure using Acreto SASE

  • Send account details to users.
  • Help users to connect on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS
  • Ask users to configure theirs thing on Acreto and to download Acreto client - this will allow them to start using SASE.
  • Explain basic security rules to users f.e: why the username and password have to be typed in each time and can’t be cached? - make your Users be aware of the security rules.
  • Show users how

and explain the setup of users with and without 2FA

Stay updated

  • Observe the [dashboard] () and [logs] () to stay informed about your things, users, and network traffic - that the best source of information.
  • Keep updating your security policy each time you see new threats or “time thieves” in your company.
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