This guide will help you to configure the Acreto Security connection on your Apple mobile device with the help of the OpenVPN app.


1. Go to the App Store on your iPad/iPhone

OpenVPN config - iOS - Play Store

2. Enter OpenVPN connect in the search bar

OpenVPN config - iOS - Play Store

3. Tap on the GET button

OpenVPN config - iOS - Play Store

4. Once the application is installed, download the configuration

Open the in your favorite browser.

Add a thing named laptop on Acreto Ecosystem - check how to do it

Wedge on iOS - adding thing

Open the laptop thing details:

Wedge on iOS - adding thing

Click on Download OpenVPN config file to save the configuration.

Wedge on iOS - saving config

5. Launch the application from your home screen or menu

Select whether you wish to enable push notifications.

OpenVPN on iOS - push notifications

Accept the OpenVPN Policy Agreement

6. Go to home screen and open Files

7. Navigate to the folder with OpenVPN config file

Files on iOS - file location

Select the Share button in the upper right-hand corner.

Files on iOS - share

Press Copy to OpenVPN

Files on iOS - open with

8. Add the VPN profile

Ensure the OpenVPN profile selected is correct, then press ADD.

OpenVPN on iOS - add profile

9. Name the connection

Feel free to specify the profile name, by changing the field

OpenVPN on iOS - name profile

Be sure to check the box Connect after import

OpenVPN on iOS - name profile

10. When asked for permissions

Click Allow to allow OpenVPN to add VPN connections.

OpenVPN on iOS - permissions

Click Yes to allow OpenVPN to enable the VPN connection.

OpenVPN on iOS - permissions

If all went well, you should see the following

OpenVPN on iOS - success

11. To disconnect

Tap on the same button you used to connect.

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