Adres Translations

What’s the Address Translation IPs section?

The Address Translation is the section in Wedge that allows to redirect traffic from one IP address to the second one. The Address Translation may be used to combine with Allocated IPs or Addresses to redirect traffic from the Internet to selected internal IP.

Allocated IPs in the main menu

When to use it?

Redirect traffic to internal resources

You have an internal server that you want to make available publicly. Add new Allocated IP - this will be your Public IP for the server. Create Address translation to redirect traffic from Allocated IP to the internal IP address of the Server.

The server will be able to receive traffic from the internet.

List of all Address Translations rules

In the center part of the screen, you may find the list of all Address Translation rules existing in the Ecosystem.

Listof all Address Translation

Using search option

The search option on this section allows searching for any address translation rule that exists in this Ecosystem. Searching works on any text-type value, this means that you can search by any value that describes the object.

Searching for Address Translation

Creating the new Address Translation

The Address translation section allows creating new rules by clicking on the Add New Translation Policy button.

Add new Address Translation

Input the descriptive name and optionally the description in the first step. Define the conditions of translation - choose what kind of traffic and from where (source, destination, destination port) and to where should be redirected. Click on the Add button. A New Address Translation rule will appear on the list.

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