Identity Providers

What’s the Identity Providers section?

The Identity Providers is the section in Wedge that allows connecting the Identity Provider to Acreto. This feature makes user onboarding way easier - all you need to do is connect your IdP through LDAP.

Addresses in the main menu

When to use it?

Onboard company with the Identity provider

Your company is using Identity Provider that supports LDAP (eg. Azure Active Directory). Go to the Identity Providers section and click on + Add New then configure credentials to connect Acreto into it.

If credentials are correct, then you should be able to see all identities in the Users section.

List of all Identity Providers

In the center part of the screen, you may find the list of all Identity Providers connected to the Ecosystem.

Listof all addresses

Using search option

The search option on this section allows searching for any IdP that exists in this Ecosystem. Searching works on any text-type value, this means that you can search by any value that describes the object.

Searching for IdP

Creating the new Identity Provider

The Identity Providers section allows connecting to a new Identity Provider by clicking on the + Add New button.

Add new Object

Full fill credential and all configurations values that are required to connect to your IdP. Acreto has predefined values for Microsoft Active Directory and OKTA, also generic configuration is supported.

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