What’s the Users section?

The Object is the main section in Wedge that allows to manage of all of the basic elements of the Acreto Ecosystem.

Objects in the mainmenu

All configurable items that are a part of the ecosystem are objects. This means that in this section you will find: users, gateways, things, addresses, and more…

List of all objects

In the center part of the screen you may find the list of all Objects existing in the Ecosystem.

Listof all objects

Using search option

The search option on this section allows searching for any kind of object that exists in this Ecosystem. Searching works on any text-type value, this means that you can search by any value that describes the object:

  • name,
  • ID,
  • type,
  • IP address

Searching for “VPN”

Creating the new Object

The Objects section allows creating any type of Object by clicking on the + Add New Object button.

Add new Object

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